More money saving tips

In the never-ending quest to save more money, I have a few more ideas I would like to share…

  1. For small household repairs, use YouTube to teach yourself to do-it-yourself.
  2. Look for credit cards that offer cash-back rewards. Many cards now offer increased cash back bonuses for spending on certain categories or at certain stores. The Chase Freedom card, for example, offers 5% cash back on a rotating quarterly basis for gas purchases, purchases at Costco, or restaurants/travel.
  3. Take a mid week vacation instead of a long weekend… hotel rates during the middle of week are often lower than when your stay includes Saturday and/or Sunday.
  4. Comparison shop for gas… don’t just stop at the nearest station on the way home, use an app like Gas Buddy (available for iPhone and Android) to find the cheapest gas near you.
  5. Pay off as much of your outstanding credit card debt as possible to avoid costly interest charges.

I hope this helps you keep more of what you earn!

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